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paypal is all like 

congratulations! you've been sent $20.00

here's your $19.51!

would you like to transfer your paypal balance of $18.22 to your bank?

$16.89 transferred to bank account

enjoy your $15.54!

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I got certifications/attestations from my GP and my therapist last minute. Got both of them yesterday afternoon with enough time to write a cover letter, have it proofread and I posted all of it today 40 minutes before postbox collection. Deadline (arrival of the documents at the place) is tomorrow.

Fingers crossed that they reconsider my degree of disability with the additional information and attestations to 50 or above for some financial benefits I can use for accommodations.

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Ich will gar nicht so genau wissen was ein männlicher Hackerschreibenscode ist


Für meine neue Küche lasse ich mir Griffe aus Cyberan montieren

:duckduckgo: alternative to cross posting for non-christians

Ich hatte schriftlich mit einer Frau Magnet zu tun und jetzt frage ich mich ob sie nicht möchte oder ob sie manche Metalle anzieht

Stop using internet

The browser is 500 MB in size and the internet is in there?
Data wasn't supposed to be hurled at light speeds through solid metal
"The average household has 10 connected devices. Bundle internet with TV and phone services." Sentences dreamed up by the utterly deranged

Look what internets have been demanding your respect for

:antifa: ???
:collar: ?????
:nonbinary_flag: ???????

"Hello I would like to have :loading: internet please." They have played us for absolute fools!

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@AgathaSorceress some quality german memes for your enjoyment (explanations if wanted in the image descriptions)

I had a great evening with a relatively recent autistic friend who I vibe with on a scary strong amplitude. Now I'm knackered. I need more IRL neurodivergent friends

post like it's facebook, contains minions, body shaming and misogyny 

haha my wife sent me this via email from the office. doesn't she have work to do? if she's so bored and hot why doesn't she bring me a beer?

has anyone had the courage to check in on the boomers on facebook and the haha funny images they must be sending each other about the heat wave right now? how bad is it?

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David tenant implies the existence of a Goliath landlord has anyone made this joke please let me be at peace

Transphobia is so wild. Imagine if left-handed people would be forced to write with their right hand in schools and by their parents because writing with the left hand is unnatural or dirty. Oh, right, that happened up until at least the 60s. Nevermind. Humanity is fucked.

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locking cis people's address field on every website to the one they lived under as a baby
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