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You're into twinning?

Well, you do you.

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yooo my song "lift you up" is out today on inspected.

all streaming platforms + bandcamp

give it a listen :>

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I am really glad when people add alt text to images on Mastodon.

My internet is so damn slow, that images never really load (i turn them off anyway), but at least I can get a sense of what it is from the text ^____^.

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@alinanorakari I have the slightly newer MZ-R37. I really liked it at the time, but no longer living alone meant I haven't used it for some 20 years.

I still have it — if anyone is interested, drop me a line.

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Catch me if I'm wrong, but here's the timeline on Musk buying Twitter *plus* the transphobia stuff so far:
- Musk's kid comes out as trans to family it seems? (backporting that info)
- Musk complains: pronoun use is annoying
- Grimes tries to get a public apology
- Musk doesn't apologize, starts posting more stuff in that category
- Grimes starts dating *Chelsea Manning*
- Musk ups the amount of transphobic content
- Babylon bee kicked off Twitter for transphobic article, Musk says later this is what convinced him to buy Twitter
- Musk starts musing out loud on the internet that he should buy twitter for "free speech" reasons
- Musk buys a bunch more stake in Twitter, more or less makes a public offer on this over Twitter itself
- Twitter board initially pushes back on the idea
- Musk starts demeaning the board and high-level Twitter employees very publicly on Twitter while increasing his brag about how he can fix everything
- Twitter board reverses course: you know what, let's take all that money
- Musk formally makes the offer
- Musk talks more about how he's going to fix all the spam, bots, etc *while* also absolutely free speech, everything is allowed filter mechanism unclear
- Starts backpedaling: well, he can't buy it unless certain positions are upheld, starts complaining about fake users
- He already signed it though, poison pill clause means he may be on the hook to pay even if he tries to back out
- A lot more waffling on whether or not Twitter is being forthcoming about information not required ahead of time it seems?
And then in about one day:
- Outing (in a crappy article) about Musk's kid being trans
- Twitter signs deal to sell to Musk
- Musk lays off Tesla employees for vague reasons related to the economy

Did I get that timeline right?

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f(x,y) = ((~(y - 12)) - (~(y - x))) / ((-(~x)) - ((y | y) | (22 & x)))

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Gradient" colouring scheme.

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i like my coffee the way i like my coffee: recursive

For me it's the Sony MZ-R30 portable MiniDisc recorder. It's just such a well designed sturdy device, I've used it a lot and looking at it and touching it just tickles my aesthetic receptors

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What's a device from your youth that you will forever keep in your heart as a classic?

Why do they have swiss german names? Because they have been developed in Google's Zurich research branch.

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I get unreasonably much joy from all the swiss german named algorithms for compression and image evaluation: zopfli, brotli, guetzli, brunsli, butteraugli

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@alinanorakari A specialty in queer virologists kitchens: pan-demi-glace!

Morbius spoiler 

That part where he just plays Raid Shadow Legends for half an hour was wild!

Praise the ice giants for this air conditioned train. I thought I wouldn't see the day

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Stolen from bird site screenshot w/o description:

"The #COVID lockdown has demonstrated 3 things:

* Our economy collapses as soon as it stops selling useless stuff to over-indebted people

* It is perfectly possible to reduce pollution

* The lowest paid people in the country are essential to its functioning"

predictive poetry 

Only thing is the difference in point when we go back to sleep 😴 we should get the one ☝️ done ☑️ it 👩‍💻 like 👍🏻 is the best and most likely the other people they have no one ☝️ and you can't have a clue 🕵️‍♂️ but it's just like 👍🏻 the best one ☝️ and it's so weird and i'm to see the new thing i do for you to be safe in a good 😊 way and your not in a relationship and not very nice 👍🏻 to have to prove that you're right but it's your decision and i do that for you to be safe in a situation

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