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“Autistic people have to do 100% of the compensation for the communication differences that exist between us and non-autistic people.

This is not fair.

And people wonder why we're stressed.”

I've heard this hold music so many times at different hotlines. It's strange hearing it in stereo for the first time

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If you didn’t know my mom was a linguist, my baby book would be confusing. Text in next post

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when you run a cat rescue / recording studio, you need to make sure you have good security.

This is why all of our visitors go through what's affectionately been dubbed "the cat scan".

#cats #cat #photography

botched pickup line 

Did it hurt falling from heaven? Because you look very biblically accurate

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"A computer is just a calculator with a to-do list."

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I hope that when people see posts about my old 2DS, other people Palm Pilots, the instinct isn't "I need to go shopping for one of those" but instead is "How can I find more user for what I've already got lying around at home". Show your junk drawers some love ♥
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Self care tip: take some time to enjoy the schadenfreude of the NFT market collapsing

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I've got a really, really specific question --

For those of you who have ever had that stress dream about being back in high school, and either having missed a lot of one certain class that year / forgot to study for a certain exam...

What subject was it in?

Today I learned about the relatively new lossless QOI image format that encodes blazingly fast with size results comparable to PNG but using much simpler methods. I need to check that out more closely soon!

@SuricrasiaOnline damn I just realized you're the author of that amazing opus data bending drum machine! I loved playing with that and I intend to sample it for my next album

I have X amount of money, I want to roughly lay out a kitchen and play around to see which factors influence the price and I want to take this to the store to minimize my time with the planning person who can make it all neat and suggest changes.

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rant about kitchen websites 

Online kitchen configurator software is quite unusable. What do you mean I can't even drag a selection or multiselect elements to make space for another cabinet in between the others? I've already spent 15 minutes just getting here!
What do you mean you can't calculate the price of the kitchen presets you _yourself_ offer because one or more items are unavailable. Oh and you won't tell me which elements I have to remove/replace in _your_ preset to make it work. Lovely.

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Holy cow, I just realized in iOS one app can appear on your home screens multiple times, e.g. on pages for different purposes like leisure and work, and even for which ever reason you might use this multiple times on the same page

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Here's a list of types of person that I would like to fuck off:

-haters of queer people
-cryptocurrency shills
-people who think there are good nation states
-so-called "minor-attracted persons"

If the inclusion of any of the items on this list make you mad, then I would also like to invite you to kindly fuck off. #Introduction #Introductions

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This evening I'm a person I don't want to be. Useless, hiding behind wit, fragile and insensitive. I don't always succeed at being a decent human being and I apologize. I'm trying to be more of one

Pressure on the face feels nice when I'm in overload :pensive: forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks, chin, … just give me something to press against

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