I think I've got enough things on my reTerminal consuming few resources for now so I can get stranded off the grid (not counting lightweight X11 applications).
for more productive things (yet to become more practical), for more gameish things

There we go. serving using …the compute module isn't the fastest but it's enough for crunching 2 megasamples/sec that way

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Ooh I think the reTerminal and my HackRF are going to be good friends away from other computers

my reTerminal has arrived. I'm gonna have some fun with this soon. Now to install for some low footprint fun

I'm on a (t)roll …
"as scientist i could have told you : I could have told you the thing with the bitcoins. who makes such ugly apes can't get far as a company"

cartoon eye contact 

Instance mascot Lien says hi

I've found out about the reTerminal and that thing looks like a thing I want.
Smol device with a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and a 5" multitouch screen. Wifi, blueetooth, gigabit ethernet, micro-HDMI, USB. Sadly no battery, but still, with a powerbank this is a fairly capable pocketable Linux device to screw around with things

I propose to add an "are you kidding me?" button to this dialog because I'm sure as heck not waiting till Sunday afternoon

@s0 when I saw this a while back I had to think of you. I wonder if you can shed some light on why it feels like a set with that lighting (pun intended)

food, 3d graphics 

with digital zoom my overnight oats look like a low quality 3D scanned asset of my overnight oats

food, design 

Do not let a designer make you a cheese sandwich unless you want to end up with this.
It's me. I'm the designer.

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