Are there low profile power outlet (German "Schuko") adapters that let me plug my plug into an outlet rotated by 90°?

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what I mean is that the outlet has the holes oriented horizontally and I want to plug in a plug with the prongs oriented vertically

@alinanorakari if it's a different form factor it's probably also a different power and you may fry something

@efi oh no no the plug fits in the original socket, it's the same power. I only want it for aesthetic reasons

@alinanorakari oh, then it probably doesn't exist, but should be easy to make... I've never seen one, but just a box with two cables, trivial

@efi hmmm at that point it would be easier to replace the plug on the device with one that's oriented the way I want. I guess that's a viable option

@alinanorakari yeah, and it may be possible to just rotate the one you have, actually, if it's square

@alinanorakari You can easily rotate the wall socket, but this isn't what you want is it?

@JanBittner no, at that point it would be easier (and safer) for me to change the plug

@alinanorakari I've seen low profile plugs, but without rotation. Something like this:

And I bought an adapter, which has two additional Euro sockets left and right of the Schuko socket, which had a rotation (so it won't block double wall sockets), but it's far from "low profile".

If it is a single wall socket, I'd rotate that. Usually, it's only have three screws, but switch off the circuit breaker before you begin.

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