i don't see the problem with blacklist/whitelist. like there can be an objection to master/slave (although not to master as in primary without any reference to slavery), but blacklist/whitelist is just
black/darkness has had negative connotations and white/light positive for a long time in english and other languages, it's just a linguistic device, think "black book"
like i really fail to see any system of oppression that is perpetuated here

@chjara it pretty much doesn't matter if something has been done for a long time if it can be reasonably argued that it should be re-evaluated based on better more complete information. Also respecting that by using alternatives is a very easy way to make it a non-problem. That you don't see the systemic -ism might mean you are in the privileged group and did not need to think about certain things that people of the other group are confronted with regularly.


@chjara how words make people feel is independent of the origin of the word, their other uses or how commonly they are associated with other ideas. The moment you use black and white to communicate the ideas evil and pure, you have to acknowledge that these words will have an effect on people who have been called these words associated with these same ideas. Not acknowledging this is essentially admitting you're discounting the affected group's reports of their experiences

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