Some mild panic is setting in over my disability application. District administration wants additional certification till Friday and I've struggled so much to mobilize my GP and therapists to issue me certificates, and I still don't have any of them (one refused because we haven't seen each other for too long) and can't get to them directly and had to ask their offices to remind them.

It throws me so much that I've put energy into being organized about this and I have nothing to show for it


I got certifications/attestations from my GP and my therapist last minute. Got both of them yesterday afternoon with enough time to write a cover letter, have it proofread and I posted all of it today 40 minutes before postbox collection. Deadline (arrival of the documents at the place) is tomorrow.

Fingers crossed that they reconsider my degree of disability with the additional information and attestations to 50 or above for some financial benefits I can use for accommodations.

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