I have a strange fascination with sensing everything usually invisible/imperceivable to humans, which is why I am slowly gathering more stuff needed to make these things perceivable. Magnet in my finger for ferromagnetism and EMF, HackRF and Flipper Zero for radio waves and very near-IR. I'm still missing something for longer IR wavelengths (Flir?), UV and many others

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@alinanorakari Magnet seems cool, but it's always on and I fear it might be annoying at time.

@sieri It's a sensation comparable in annoyance to for example feeling air on your skin. You can't turn it off but it's also not super irritating at most times, and you only feel it consciously when you're actually near a moderately strong magnetic field / in the path of a breeze … or very near the source of the field/wind if it's weak

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