So recently I downloaded 128kbps MP3s of Dark Side of the Moon because I had never listened to it and it sounded so good on my old iPhone speakers. So good in fact that I are the audiophiles gone? Good. It's actually your damn choice what you listen to, on what you listen to it and how you enjoy it. Go nuts and screw the prescriptivist folks who are trying to sound shame you. Rock on

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@alinanorakari it all depends on the source from where it was compressed from

@ferds for all I care listen to bootlegs recorded from the middle of the crowd. I've enjoyed plenty of music that way. Even as a music production nerd I have to admit that bad sound quality really doesn't hurt good music as much as many would like to make people believe

@alinanorakari ohhh that reminds me back then in my teens, when hard discs were still measured in single-digit GBytes, and I just had discovered the "kpbs" slider on the MP3 encoding software, and I was so happy that it could make tiny files, and I returned the audio CD that I had borrowed from a friend before listening to the files… it was an almost trippy experience!

@alinanorakari Are you saying that spending £1,000 on little bits of wood to hold the speaker cable off the floor is a waste of money?

@Naich only if it does not belong to an expensive amplifier with a high quality platinum and gold plated double twisted triple shielded braid enclosed and sheathed HDMI input cable for extra fast and clear sound. I mean you can _clearly_ hear the difference between that and a budget HDMI cable. The bits just sound … different

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