The fight against global warming is not a fight we can win. There will be no utopia. And yet we do not have to let global warming win if we fight!
This isn't the place for complacency and resignation. Show your hope through actions and let it inspire the hope of others so that little by little it inches closer and seeps into the companies responsible for most of the damage.
You alone will lose the fight. We as a whole have a chance. Infect your environment with hope!

hopeless (-) 

@alinanorakari I would love to but the more I learn, the more I find examples of systematic carelessness. some of the problems we face now or will face soon are the result of people knowingly doing bad things for decades or even centuries - mostly because of greed rather than need. I currently fail to see how this aspect will go away even if we try as hard as we can. 🤷

and just to be clear: I know a lot of good people but destruction requires less energy/people than construction.

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