If you work a lot with micro controllers, dev boards, connectors or memory cards, make sure to check out the free Pinouts book if you don't know it yet

@alinanorakari Thanks for that link. Wow, that's surprisingly nicely formatted. I like that it is obviously intended for 2-page spread layout. And whoever drew the graphics clearly knows what they are doing!

Back in the day, people used to pass around ASCII art files documenting the pinouts for various devices. It was ugly, but it worked when "datasheets" were literal sheets of paper. There even was a collaborative project to create ASCII art pinouts of *every* chip in existence. The people running the project didn't want some company monetizing all the work they were putting in, so they came up with a name they thought would be sure to discourage the "suits": GIICM, the "Giant Internet IC Masturbator". (This was prior to Creative Commons licenses). 🤓

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